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The deterioration of reinforced concrete caused by corrosion of carbon steel rebar led to the invent of a non-corrosive steel bar that was impregnable by chlorides and salt. Chlorides are an unintentional presence in the sand, aggregate or water in some parts of the world, penetrating the concrete once it mixes with enough moisture and oxygen to initiate corrosion.

Steel rebar suppliers attempted to employ several methods of resistance against this corrosion including various rebar coatings (fusion-bonded epoxy, galvanizing); increased concrete cover; reduced water/cement ratios; corrosion inhibitors added to the concrete mix, concrete sealers, cathodic protection; and concrete coatings or membranes.

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After much research and development, reinforcing bars fashioned from stainless steel were introduced by steel rebar suppliers nearly 30 years ago, replacing run-of-the-mill carbon steel in marine applications or areas that were subject to excessive salt and moisture, successfully extending the lifetime of concrete structures in corrosive environments.

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Stainless steel rebar suppliers have contributed this ingenuity to highway bridges, parking garages and coastal facilities, improving corrosion resistance and reducing the amount of necessary maintenance. Several grades of stainless steel rebar are available, including non-magnetic austenitic stainless steel for certain military, medical and scientific applications, and mechanical properties advantageous for fluctuations in temperature, resistance to earthquakes.

Most stainless steel rebar suppliers manufacture or distribute five distinct alloy groups: austenitic, ferritic, duplex (a blend of ferritic-austenitic, hence the clever name), martensitic and precipitation-hardened. These groups have different microstructures, which are determined by the selected chemical compositions and the production steps involved, upon which steel rebar suppliers will be able to provide more information.

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